fun photoshoot for work





Working for a fashion start-up like Popinjay allows for an interesting circumstance: it allows you to work cross departmentally because your title is simply ONE of the things you do on the job. The above images are an example of this very thing: I was part of the conceptualization of this photo shoot and subsequently modeled for it. It affords a perspective that’s invaluable for an aspiring Art Director like me. 

One day, I’ll have models though.


photos by Azad Abbasi

the host, the poet, the organizer, and the dancer






It’s only the second show taping and I’m already loving this gig! Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t come without its anxieties – incorporating feedback, sticking to the interview time, and most importantly, remaining energetic – it’s probably the most challenging experience I’ve had so far.  

In this episode, I got the chance to talk with one of the organizers of Free Art Friday, a fantastic scavenger hunt art acquisition program; I met Mic Write, a hip-hop poet whom compared his poetry to jungle juice { I had to look it up and was amazed by what I learned – recipe forthcoming }; and finally, enjoyed a dance performance from Motor City Dance Factory. So happy to have had them on the show!


photos by Norris Howard

eastern market after dark


Last year, my fascination with Detroit peaked when I went to Eastern Market After Dark.  I had been living in the Metro Detroit area for about a year but had never attended an event in downtown proper. Going again this year was a no brainer. I was taken aback by the crowds that gathered around the fashion showcase, the dark tunnel before entering a crisp exhibition space at Redbull Gallery, and the pop-up Sierra Mist Exquisite Collaboration event. 


photos by Azad Abbasi


the host, the journalist, the artists, and the duo




Dress: Cynthia Rowley (similar) | Skirt: Made Fashion Week for Impulse | Belt: Vintage (similar) | Pumps: Guess (similar)

I can’t believe my hosting debut has already come and gone in a flash.  Last Sunday, I got a chance to interview journalist Brian Kaufman, the Poor Man’s Art collective and acoustic duo Jane of Arc. They were probably the best musical sound I’ve experienced on the show.  Think Missy Higgins meets Indigo Girls – a golden combination { or at least if you’re into female vocalists like me } 

I’m extremely excited to see how the rest of  MetroArts-Detroit Season 4 taping goes and I’m even more excited to be able to be part of a crazy crew!


photos by Norris Howard